• Take teams out of their comfort zones, challenging assumptions and traditional roles
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills through facilitated action
  • Use recognised military techniques to build trust and team resilience
  • Challenge teams to use creativity and problem-solving skills to develop resourcefulness and agile work practices
  • Break down communication barriers or work silos through shared experience


  • Enhanced communication skills – both listening and expression
  • Lateral and creative thinking
  • Effective planning, target setting and time management
  • Dynamic problem solving
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses and leadership development
  • Shared sense of accomplishment which lasts once back in the work-place

Espionage Mission

The espionage mission is a great way to build team bonds and efficiency through immersive adventure and it’s based right out of your workspace and timed to suit you.

At the start of your adventure, we teach you key skills vital to the successful completion of the mission including agent handling, covert communications and surveillance before setting you off across, over and under London on your mission.

Your mission will last around 3 hours and involves mobile surveillance, cryptography and target acquisition.

The final rendezvous (RV) is only revealed upon successful completion of all tasks, this could be a local pub which will allow your team time to decompress and talk about what they have achieved as well as receive guidance from our intrepid agent.


  • Espionage Mission


  • Team Building
  • Survival
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Awareness

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