• Take teams out of their comfort zones, challenging assumptions and traditional roles
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills through facilitated action
  • Use recognised military techniques to build trust and team resilience
  • Challenge teams to use creativity and problem-solving skills to develop resourcefulness and agile work practices
  • Break down communication barriers or work silos through shared experience


  • Enhanced communication skills – both listening and expression
  • Lateral and creative thinking
  • Effective planning, target setting and time management
  • Dynamic problem solving
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses and leadership development
  • Shared sense of accomplishment which lasts once back in the work-place

Kayak Norway

When the Intrepid Events team decided to Kayak/Bike and Run 200 miles to the Somme in 2016, Tom offered his support. He volunteered to drive behind the team making sure we were fed and watered, it was a demanding charity event and non of us slept including Tom, but Tom is a triple amputee. He was a paratrooper serving in Afghanistan when he lost both legs and his left arm. His prosthetic’s do the job but are limited and when he tries to be very active, they cause friction burns and bleeding. There is a charity that can help Tom and countless other veterans who have lost limbs in the line of duty and they are Blesma.

Belsma are the only national Service charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives, offering financial and emotional support to them and their families. Since WW1 they have worked tirelessly to guarantee that our limbless veterans are not failed, forgotten or to left to fend for themselves.

We at Intrepid would like to help this amazing charity help veterans who have lost so much. In the summer of 2019 our team of (novice) kayakers will be paddling for 240 miles across the unforgiving North sea. Setting off from the Shetland Isles we won’t stop until we reach Televag in Norway three days later (providing we don’t get lost). 

Stand by for lots of interactive updates on here and across Intrepid’s social media channels and if you’d like to get involved and support this epic kayak please drop us a line.


  • Kayak 2 Norway


  • Team Building
  • Survival
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Fund Raising

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  • Summer 2018

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