• Joel Whittaker

Barefoot adventure

It's been two weeks since I ditched the trainers to have a crack at barefoot running and I'm loving it! The feel of soft earth under your toes is a joy. Sticks and sharp stones are not your friend but you can't have it all your own way.

More than just a barefoot jaunt, this venture has really made me re-think the way I run.

Following lots of research, a couple of books, and many YouTube tutorials I believe I'm getting there with technique - I hope my feet now glide in, landing forefoot first, and also my posture is upright.

There's a lot to learn when you try this and it's does pay to take it slowly. Going barefoot, especially on stony tracks really helps you nail the technique, you won't want to heel strike I promise.

Always planning ahead though, and as much as I love barefoot, I can see I'll likely need some barefoot running shoes. The type that do not offer cushioning but can offer your feet some protection from chemicals and other not nice things you may encounter.

As I ran around the park today my mind was on my upcoming barefoot (and solo) marathon in June - this is going to be quite some challenge.

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